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5 cool javascript apps

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摘要:这篇JavaScript栏目下的“5 cool javascript apps”,介绍的技术点是“JavaScript”,希望对大家开发技术学习和问题解决有帮助。

By Justin Silverton

The following are 5 javascript apps that I thought would never be possible.  They are all written using the canvas HTML element.

The canvas element is a third party extension to the that allows for dynamic rendering of scriptable bitmap images.

It was initially introduced by Apple or use inside their own Mac OS X Webkit component, powering applications like Dashboard widgets and the Safari browser. Later, it was adopted by Gecko browsers (notably Mozilla and Firefox) and standardized by the WHATWG on new proposed specifications for next generation web technologies. Support is also present in the Opera 9.0 browser. Novell manufactures an XForms processor plugin for Internet Explorer, which also provides support for the canvas element. Independent efforts to support the canvas feature on Internet Explorer do not require plugins and are based solely on VML and Google has also begun a project to add canvas abilities to Internet Explorer using the same techniques.

Canvas consists of a drawable region defined in HTML code with height and width attributes. JavaScript code may access the area through a full set of drawing functions similar to other common 2D APIs, thus allowing for dynamically generated graphics. Some anticipated uses of the canvas include building graphs, animations, and image composition. Source

Note: Most of these examples are *not* compatible with Internet Explorer 

1) Canvascape

A proof of concept of a 3D FPS.  There is a textured and non-textured version available.

2) MSX Emulator

This project shows us the true power of javascript and the canvas element.  It is an MSX emulator, which includes the ability to load and play game roms.

3) Unreal Soccer

A soccer game.

4) Plasma Demo

This is a port of an RGB C plasma demo

5) An Arkanoid clone

A clone of the game Arakanoid.



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